We help you build a more impactful brand community.

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Gather Community Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in bringing people together. We have deep expertise and passion for building online communities that deliver business value and transform your customers -- cementing loyalty and learning for life. 


About Us

Our team is lead by Carrie Melissa Jones, a 15-year veteran of community, named one of the top minds in community management, with multiple research projects under her belt that anchor our work.

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Our Services

We help optimize and engage communities at any stage in their lifecycles, from pre-launch planning to a three-year audit. We customize our services to meet your business needs.

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Free Resources and Articles

Sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance to kickstart your work. Want to poke around and see how we think? Find our resources, articles, and community book reviews right on our blog. 

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“Carrie is both an incredibly effective professional and a delight to work with."

Evan Hamilton
Community Teams Manager, Reddit


Our Practice

Based out of Seattle, WA with roots in Silicon Valley, CA, we believe in the power of technology to do good and bring people together. We believe we can create belonging in a broken world. 


We take the guesswork and fear out of building brand communities. We're your partner in gathering your people.


What Makes Us Unique?

We believe in new beginnings. We believe there are no mistakes, just lessons learned. We believe in the power of humble leadership. We believe in the importance of gathering your people. 

With over 15 years experience building communities, we have deep expertise but also stay on top of emerging trends from blockchain technology to Facebook Messenger Bots and beyond.

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